I can offer you …


Your material will be checked for errors relating to:

Consistency of style.
• Spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
• Ambiguity and unclear meaning.
• Typing errors.
• Factual errors:
 Place names.
 Names of people.
 Figures and maths.
 Dates.
 URLs (web addresses).
 Facts.
 Acronyms.

Proofreading plus copy editing:

All proofreading checks plus rewriting as required, to ensure ease of reading.

Additional checks will be made for:

  • Best use of grammar.
  • Repetition, jargon, slang, and clichés.
  • Content and structure.
  • Suitability for your target audience.
  • Legal checks: copyright, trademarks, data protection, defamation.

Types of proofreading undertaken:

• Books (fiction and non-fiction).
• Brochures and fliers.
• Business materials: reports, corporate communications, etc.
• Handouts and factsheets.
• Newsletters.
• Magazines.
• Reports and tenders.
• Website content.

I can proofread your material in the following formats:

  • Proofreading paper copy using BSI symbols.
  • On-screen proofreading of Word files using the track changes function.
  • On-screen proofreading of PDF files using Adobe Reader’s mark-up tools.